Premier Colors, Inc. is a producer of quality organic and inorganic pigment colorant dispersions, application auxiliaries, and chemicals.    Markets for our colorants include textiles, paper, leather, rubber mulch, paint, paint tints, wallpaper, etc.     Our staff is well trained in technical support, product development, and product formulating to provide our customers with excellent service.    We have been in business for over 29 years.

Premier is ongoing in its commitment to improve current products with the latest chemical technology and to formulate quality products for new customer applications and demands.  


We also offer toll manufacturing services for our customers.   To produce a wide variety of products for these customers, we have an excellent diversification of equipment such as:   Netzsch LMZ and Red Head mills, lab mills, Hockmeyer dispersers, and several different types of high shear stator mixers, and various mixing vessels.   Our broad production capabilities and technical expertise allows us to be a “First Class Company” of quality products and economic value to our customers.


With our layered resources, Premier Colors is committed to be consistent in performance and satisfaction to our customers.   We continue to prove this by producing products that provide excellent performance along with the added value of cost, technical service, quick response time, quality, and on time delivery.