Pigment Printing  & Pigment Dyeing


      Our line of aqueous pigment colorants are developed for high performance in both

       printing and continuous dyeing operations.    We produce a broad range of colorants

       to satisfy various  light fastness, wash, and crock requirements on woven and

       non woven substrates.


       For pigment continuous dyeing, we have developed a “Deep Shade Dyeing System”

       that allows the use of economical pigments for dyeing very deep, brilliant shades

       with excellent wash/crock fastness on woven and non woven substrates.   This allows

      dyeing fabrics in a one step process without the hassles and costs of dye fixation,

       rinses, and multiple runs through the equipment dyeing processes.   For information

       and technical documents on the process, please email request.



  Other Market Colorants


      Rubber Mulch

      Our line of rubber mulch colorants have excellent performance on any type of 

       rubber.   Our special formulas provide extended package stability which insures

       consistent  coloring results.   Our rubber mulch colorants produce exceptional

       coverage to provide truer colors and protracted field life.    The colorants have

       excellent freeze/thaw resistance and excellent rub off resistance in either wet or dry

       conditions.       All colorants are environmentally safe and have no bio-value .

For textile printing and continuous pigment dyeing, we produce an array of chemical auxiliary products that enhance performance of the application process and impart different properties to the fabric substrate.




                   Non-yellowing softeners that create a soft, draping hand on most any

                    fabric.    Curing temperatures can run as high a 400° F. for faster production

                   output since the softeners will not yellow.



Aqueous Print Vehicle System:

                Excellent running, dependable, and easy to use printing system for textile

                printing applications.    The binders are non-yellowing, provide great crocks,

                do not stiffen the hand, and yield truer color shades.    The print thickener

                concentrate mixes into a creamy print paste easily and will not clog the

                print screens.



Print Lubricants and Wetters: 

               The lubricants enhance smoothness and levelness of color on difficult to

                print fabrics.   The wetters will enhance fabric penetration and is especially

                useful in pigment continuous dyeing.



Crock and Wash Fastness:

               Our Ultrafast 2001-LOC and Ultrafast 3000-NPF products will provide superior

               crocks and wash fastness on any woven and non-woven printed or dyed

               substrate.    It is mixed into the print  paste color or into the pigment dye bath

               solution.   Another function, is adding the Ultrafast 2001-LOC to water and

               acrylic latex binder in a dye bath to repair printed or dyed fabrics  that have

               failed crock and wash fastness requirements.


      Specialty Colorants

           Fluorescent Pigment Dispersions

           Our fluorescent colorants are multi-functional.   They are designed for

           printing on fabric, paper, are used in exhaust dyeing and for continuous

           pigment pad dyeing.


           Pearlescent Inks

           We produce excellent performing, ready-to-print, high wash fastness

           pearlescents in a silver, gold, or “mother-of-pearl” look.     These are

           totally synthetic to eliminate any problems with waste water or any other

           environmental issues.